Dennis Gichangi

Dennis Gichangi

Director of Development, DewCIS Solutions Ltd

Dennis is an open source enthusiast and a passionate software developer with over 20 years coding experience, and surprisingly an outstanding entrepreneur who loves running during his free time. Because of his love for computers, Dennis spent most of his holidays and pocket money playing computer games at Sarit center.

In 1997, Dennis joined Moi University in Eldoret for a Bachelors degree in Technology, Electrical and Communications Engineering, Digital Communications and Microprocessor Engineering; completing in 2002.
At the university, together with like-minded enthusiasts he founded COMMIT, a computer club, which handled projects, like maintaining the computer labs and keeping them open at night for use and organizing how students would get assembled computers and learn. Here, he toyed with digital circuits, repaired 8080 machines and used the 8086 chips on a board to run low-level machine language functions. An exciting project Dennis spearheaded was the creation of a Swahili programming language and writing of a Swahili font.

He is a consultant for openBaraza project and codePamoja.