What are the Examples of Open Source?

What are the Examples of Open Source?

Recently, it was reported that IBM, one of the largest and oldest technology firms, has acquired Red Hat for a reported $22B. With this acquisition, IBM has set itself up as the largest Cloud computing company. Red Hat is the company behind Red Hat Linux, which is the most widely used Linux distribution on the Enterprise. Linux in its different flavors like Ubuntu, SUSE, Debian, RedHat etc powers over 75% of the of the world’s servers, including 100% of the world’s Top500 super computers in the world. Other key facts about Linux:

  • Android, which runs about 80% of the world’s smart phones, is based on the Linux Kernel. This gives Linux the largest install base of all general purpose operating systems.
  • Linux powers over 95% of the top one million domains, playing a dominant role on the Internet and the world wide web.
  • Leading stock exchanges like NASDAQ, NYSE, London Stock Exchange, Tokyo stock Exchange and the Nairobi Stock and Securities Exchange run on Linux
  • Linux supports the world’s leading e-commerce companies such as Amazon, eBay, PayPal, Walmart etc.
  • The most interesting projects in the world such as NASA Mars Curiosity Rover, SpaceX, US Air Traffic Control, The Internet archive, International Space Station, the largest Hollywood animation studios, all rely on Linux.
  • Most of the leading companies in Kenya, including Telecoms to Government agencies, rely on Linux to drive their mission critical enterprise solutions.

In a nutshell, the world today runs on Linux.

There are many other open source and creative commons success stories. For instance, Wikipedia is the is a multilingual, web-based, free encyclopedia based on a model of openly editable content, a wiki. It is the largest and most popular general reference work on the World Wide Web, and is one of the most popular websites in the world.

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Other leading open source projects:

  1. OpenOffice and LibreOffice – Office productivity suites
  2. Facebook Open Compute project
  3. Facebook PyTorch
  4. Google – Kubernetes
  5. Twitter – Aurora, Storm
  6. Google – TensorFlow
  7. Netflix – Chaos Monkey
  8. LinkedIn – Kafka
  9. Airbnb – Air Flow
  10. Google and Netflix – Kayenta
  11. Blender 3D and animation suite
  12. FreeCAD, LibreCAD
  13. Linux Foundation – Hyperledger, a blockchain toolbox (the block chain and crypto currencies are based on open source principles).
  14. The Open Source Ecology
  15. Open Motors
  16. Open Pharma
  17. Open Science
  18. Creative Commons Foundation

How about local open source initiatives? Several individuals and organization are playing an active role in the open source space. Ushahidi is a locally developed open source solution for crowd sourcing disaster information which is used globally. Open Baraza is a set of open source enterprise solutions created by DewCIS, a Kenyan software house.

There are thousands upon thousands of other open source and creative commons project around the world. These include Mozilla Firefox, one of the most popular web browsers in the world, the Postgres Enterprise data base, MySQL database which is the most widely used data base on the Internet. There are ERPS, CRMs, Operating Systems, Financial software,

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