Open Innovation Awards Nomination

EACOS 2019 Open Innovation Awards

The EACOS 2019 Open Innovation awards aim to recognize individuals and organizations that have made a positive impact in the region using the open source model, tools and technologies. These awards are open to individuals, consultants, students and practitioners in the public sector, private sector, academia, health sector and all sectors of the economy.

Recipients will be recognized and awarded during the EACOS Open Innovation Awards cocktail to be held on 28th August 2019 at 6.00pm during the EACOS conference.

To participate, you can nominate yourself, another individual or organization, and explain the following:

Individual Awards

  1. Leadership Award for Excellence – open source community leadership
  2. System Administration Award for Excellence
  3. Developer Award for Excellence
  4. Research and Development Award for Excellence

Student Awards

  1. Early Achiever Award for Excellence
  2. Student Project Award

Private Sector,

Central Government,

County Government,



Open Hardware &

Open Source Consultant Awards

  1. Open Innovation Award
  2. Open Source Implementation

LPI Awards

  1. LPI Training Partner Award
  2. LPI Academic Partner Award
  3. LPI Certification Achievement Award